Who we are

A leading granite manufacturing company, SPECIAL MARMI has over forty years experience nationally and internationally.

We have the capability to provide any manufactured article in granite or other natural stones such as porphyry.

We produce and commercialize the most complete range of products with shinny, flamed, polished, satin, or rough or brushed finishes.

We produce tiles of different forms and coverings, internal flooring and external paving, steps, skirting board, every type and thickness of stone slabs, windowsills and doorsills.

We can, without distinction, meet small or large orders, respecting obligations and delivery terms.

Shaping wire

The diamond cutting wire is specially designed to perform special profiles, concave or convex cuts of marble, granite and agglomerates.

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Info contacts

Via Canova, 56 - Loc. Stallavena
37023 - Grezzana (VR) Italia

T. +39 0458801373

F. +39 0458801992

E. info@specialmarmi.it